Late to the annual break up party.

Two weeks ago, while I was waiting at a local Walmart checkout line, I saw a rag mag with Robsten’s face and the words “SPLIT”.

*cue the eyeroll*

Fast forward to today to find out it was “true” and to see the reactions of the shippers/nonstens only to realize, I was so out of the loop. So many questions! What’s LF1 and LF2? Who’s CJ? Rupey Sanders is back? Who’s Bernie? Why are her gay friends known by their first name basis?

Let’s do this again next year. Seems like it’s a tradition. Summer in LA is a HOT and it must get those two pasty white bitches in a hellish mood that makes them realize just how much they really hate each other.

Oh fuck

I just unknowingly got myself into a “best seller young adult trilogy” that’s being adapted into a movie. The Delirium series…? Never heard of it before. I hope it’s not as bad as the last time I got into YA series *cough*Twilight*cough*. But this series seems promising. :)